Service Certified by APQS
Longarm Quilting by Lily provides APQS Certified Service on APQS longarm machines here in Virginia. We are APQS Certified Technicians. 

Please contact us if you need help. We can fix a problem, do warranty service, or perform preventative service on your machine to keep it running smoothly. We service all APQS machines, whether you bought your longarm from us or somewhere else.

Spa In A Box: We offer an APQS certified Spa-In-A-Box service treatment. Spa-In-A-Box is equivalent to the “spa service” APQS has offered for years – only we do it for you right here in Virginia. You no longer need to send your machine to Iowa.

Certified Spa-In-A-Box service:
◊ Check out your system
◊ Replace worn out parts
◊ Make required adjustments

Spa-In-A-Box covers labor and standard parts replacement, such as motor brushes, gear box oil, and pigtails. Additional parts are extra.

Repairs: We are here to help you. We charge hourly for repairs. If you need us to come to your machine, standard mileage rates apply.

Warranty service: We will perform warranty service as directed by APQS.

Why service? APQS longarm quilting machines are the highest quality and most reliable machines available. All APQS longarm quilting machines are backed by a Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor. Regular service is recommended to keep your machine running flawlessly. We’re also here to help if a problem arises, whether from a fault or from usage.

Remember, when you purchase an APQS longarm quilting machine you become part of the APQS family. And when you need help with your APQS machine, Longarm Quilting by Lily is here for you.